• Nationality: Chinese
  • Cup: C
  • Height: 162cm

from China 1.62cm she do full service working 24 hr

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  1. Coffeee
    Coffeee says:

    Location: Hornsby, 280 Peats Ferry Road
    Name: Coco
    Nationality & Language Chinese, limited English:
    Age: late 30s
    Face: 2/5
    Body: 3/5
    Skill: Her 4/5 me 5/5!
    Service: DATY, CBJ, Cowgirl, Doggie, Mish, LFK
    GFE: 5/5
    PSE: 4/5
    Price & Session Length: $110 30 mins
    Repeat: probably not

    On the west side of Hornsby there’s an old, established brothel where I have, over the years, had a few good punts and a few shockers. The place is in a crazy old building with mock-tudor beams painted on the outside, garrish pink paint, really bad “Erotic” oil paintings on the wall and other delusions of grandeur. It’s close to Hornsby station and, when I lived nearby, I would sometimes stagger in drunk on my way home.

    Recently they have been advertising a change of management and have rebranded themselves as an erotic massage and FS joint. Renovations we’re also mentioned, and 24 hour service. I thought I’d check out their new direction, so in through the (still shocking pink) doors I went.

    I have to say, they’ve fixed it up nice! White walls, tastefully pictures, aromatherapy oils, and one foxy milf of a Vietnamese mamasan. I was hoping she’d be my gal for the session, but it was not to be.

    My gal was Coco. I was undressed and headed showerwards when she came into the room in a scarlet dress and heels. I wasn’t overly grabbed by what I saw, but soaped up and washed down and joined her for a hug and a bit of LFK. Her English wasn’t up to much so chat would be limited. She disrobed.Getting out of her bra took a while as the hook was stuck and she got quite embarrassed.I thought it was hilarious, and stepped in to disentangle her. Seizing the advantage, I helped her out of her rather large panties, sat her gently on the edge of the bed and kissed up from her knees to the sparsely fuzzy pussy. She seemed surprised, and a little reluctant. I persisted, and she opened up for me, holding my head in her hands quite firmly. Soon the firm grip turned to stroking. I felt her relax, she lay back, and issued forth the sweetest little squeaks of pleasure.

    All bragging aside, I am rather good at cunnilingus. It comes from many years of playing the harmonica, the techniques are entirely transferable! For the first couple of verses I kept things light but steady. Her vocals we’re gentle, and I could feel the juices starting to flow. As we went into the chorus I ramped things up, my lips and tongue firm and supple, drawing out the notes, fluttering some sharp vibrato, playing sweet soul music right there on her swollen clit. She was stroking me head, neck and shoulders wildly by now, and one foot was massaging my back rhythmically. “I FINISH I FINISH OH OH OH I FINISH!” she shouted. I had noticed. She shuddered, juddered and squirmed, then almost leaped from under me, blushing sweetly and trying to compose herself she kept giving me a thumbs up and saying “Coco finish, GOOOOOD!”

    On to the bonking. Cowgirl, Doggie, Mish, usual procedure, but through it all she was hugging and stroking and squeezing me with what felt like genuine affection. Most enjoyable. I made a sizeable deposit into the latex sperm bank, and with a warm just she sent me off to shower.

    Fond farewells, more thumbs up, and off I went.
    I enjoyed the session, but I don’t think I’ll be back. Sydney has better options.

    Happy Mongering!


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